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The bodyguard
for your skin

Sun Milk SPF 30

Sun Milk SPF 30

The Bodyguard for your skin

To protects one`s skin against excessive insolation and UV-rays is in great demand - not only when being on vacation in the hot sun. Waterproof and fast penetrating sun care lotion with UVA / UVA broadband filter and sun protection factor 30 (high protection level).

  • High protection level SPF 30
  • UVA/UVA broadband filter

Transparent Sun Spray SPF 30

The transparent sun care spray with SPF 30 (high protection level) is fast penetrating, leaves no visible residues and is not sticky. The formula with a balanced UVA + UVB filter combination and with vitamin E protects the skin from sun burn and may help to counteract premature skin aging. With immediate protection. Extra water proof.

  • extra waterproof
  • no visible residues
  • not sticky
  • prompt protection