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Our promotion tubes provide a high quality car from head to toes, decoration possibilities and lots of fields of application. 

  • Available in three different sizes and variants 
  • High quality recipes
  • Dermatologically tested "very good skin tolerance" 
  • Application fields year-round

Hygienic closure

THe 20 ml tube has a screw cap with haygienic membrane. The 50 m land 100 ml tube has a clap cap which breaks at first opening. For protection and hygiene.

White or crystal clear variant

Depending on taste and decoration there are white or crystal clear tubes to choose.

Low weight - low transport costs

Packed in cartons the tubes can be shipped favourable and quick.

Hygienic closure



The RealityPrint enables a decoration in high quality photo print all-around the tube. Hence, the advertising message can be placed perfectly to the customer. 

  • 4c CMYK
  • Photo quality
  • All-around print