About Us

As a manufacturer of promotional products in the beverage and cosmetics sectors, we have been supplying the national and international industry with refreshing, protective and caring promotional products since 1998.

We call our products „communication by products“:


Our imagetools help companies to place their advertising message in an eye-catching and sustainable way.

They taste, refresh, smell, care and protect.

This turns them into communicative tools that already embody positive messages such as refreshment, protection, care, prevention, hygiene or relaxation and transport the desired advertising message credibly and sustainably to your own target group.

They please the presentee and are remembered for a long time.

  • For all sectors, target groups and occasions
  • Flexible modular system
  • Low minimum quantities

Our principles

We deliver

  • the right goods
  • in the right quality
  • in the right quantity 
  • at the right time
  • to the right place 

We place great value on sustainability, plurality and an open corporate culture. We are committed to working in partnership with each other, our customers and our supplier partners.

We offer our employees fair working conditions, flexible working hours and a friendly atmosphere. We also see this as sustainability.

We develop, produce and supply our products while conserving natural resources. We focus on the entire life cycle and prioritise sustainable criteria over economic ones when making decisions.

We work according to defined quality processes and always conform to the relevant European standards.

We guarantee our trading partners and customers complete legal certainty when placing our image tools on the market.

We give our utmost for our customers.