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Organic Teastick
Organic TeaStick

Organic TeaStick

All ingredients like fruit pieces, florals, herbals and spiceries are from a controlled organic agriculture from the best regions of the world and are of 100% organic quality. Free of synthetic aroma or preserving agents – consumption is guaranteed.

Each Organic TeaStick is sealed in a flow pack for best flavour.

  • 100% organic quality
  • Sealed in a flow pack for best flavour
  • Numerous sorts available


The smartly developed TeaStick wins by its very easy application. Just put the stick into the cup, add hot water, let it brew - and enjoy a wonderful cup of tea!


Filter Fleece

The tea comes without any remains due to its special fleece.

Special Cover

The water can circulate by the means of the especially prepared perforation. Flavour and impacts appear at their best.

No spoon needed

You can stir the tea with the stable stick.

Filter Fleece


4c Druck

4c Print

Each TeaStick is sealed in a flow pack. The matt foil not only protects the stick and keeps the tea fresh, but also gives a special stability to the pack. 

  • 4c print CMYK
  • Fully printable
  • Matt protective layer for a special visual appearance and haptic