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Using our experience as a service provider and employed packaging filler for the international branded goods industry, we are familiar with market demands in regards to quality and innovation. We have selected items from our production portfolio for your marketing needs that have that valued, special, eye-catching character, because today, only original and innovative promotional items can achieve the target communication value. Advertising media which are young and innovative as well as convincing “different”. Products that stray from the ordinary. Products that set trends.


Our products are in fact very different – but one thing they do have in common: they delight the recipients and have a real added value. They taste, refresh, care, scent and protect: all theses functions have their story which can be linked to your advertising message. The product is your mean to appeal all senses and hence to transport the message to men or women in a very emotional way.


Select the advertising medium that best suits your needs from our areas of expertise including

  • Beverages
  • Organic TeaStick
  • Cosmetics & Hygiene

We would be happy to individually assist you in your selection, in person if you wish. Examples of our products include image drinks (Secco d'Italia, latte macchiato, energy drinks, isotonic drinks…), fizzy tablets, aqua sprays, sun care, shower gels and soaps.


Here is a brief list of your advantages:

  • Available even in low quantities
  • Flexible delivery times
  • Layout sheet download service for your final layout draft on this homepage.


We call this interplay of products and services:

communication by products


We hope you enjoy our website! Your Sanders Imagetools Team.