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Pure and

Hand Cleansing Gel, antibacterial

Hand Cleansing Gel, antibacterial

Pure and clean

Hygiene is a significant topic in our daily life: we shake hands, count coins, touch door handles and use public transportations. We are used to take a snack-to-go and to cater us on route. In these situations the antibacterial hand cleansing gel is promply and easily applicable – without any water. The hands immediately feel clean, fresh and cared. Dermatologically tested with the result of a „very good skin tolerance“.

  • Anti bacterial
  • Application without water

Hand Cleansing Spray, antibacterial

The liquid hygiene kerchief - in the car, on travel, when handling with animals or at work - you always feel as fresh washed. Easy to use, fast in result and convenient en-route. Your hands feel fresh and smooth.

  • Anti-bacterial effect
  • Perfect for being en-route