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Energy Shot Guarana


  • Highly concentrated energy
  • With a new, full-bodied taste
  • With Guarana and Taurine
  • With natural caffeine
  • Natural energy in a powerful mix of dextrose, guarana, taurine and caffeine!

The natural energy drink in pocket format stimulates the efficiency and concentration ability and is free of artificial additives. No matter whether in your travel luggage, during your work out, or simply as a turbo booster for the tired driver -  if things have to move fast, the energy shot "guarana" provides energy for hours.


Quantity 210 490 980 1.995 2.975 4.970
Prices 1,89 1,75 1,71 1,65 1,55 1,49
The shipment of our articles is effected ex works plus transport costs.
The freight costs include packaging, insurance, road charge and transport.
Delivery time approx. 2-3 weeks

Set-up Costs

Recommended Retail Price 69,00 €
  • Minimum Quantity: 210
  • Printing: Digital Offset
  • Printing Colours: 4c (CMYK)

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  • Item number: 10-161-103-100
  • Size: 60 ml
  • Minimum shelf life: approx. 16 months
  • Catalogue page: 2023 - 10, 12,
MEasurements | Weight | Packaging
85 g / pc
39 x 39 x 97 mm
Package unit
Package unit:
35 in carton, standing
Package unit weight:
2,98 kg
Package unit dimensions:
29 x 20 x 10 cm
Package units per pallet:
144 Package units
Items per pallet:
5040 pieces
Pallet weight:
443 kg
Logistics and export
Customs tariff number:
Country of origin:
Dangerous goods:
GIP Switzerland:
VOC content:
Free of VOC

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Eco Label

Eco Label

  • White label
  • Individual print Druck
  • Printing: 4c (CMYK)
  • As of 210 Pieces



Eco Label

from sustainable and controlled forest cultivation.

More than glass: The Amber Glass Bottle

  • Protects by its extraordinarily good barrier properties
  • Absorbs most of the UV radiation and prevents oxygen exchange
  • Protects valuable ingredients and keeps them fresh. Enables a gentle production without preservative substances by its heat consistency


Bottle made from
100% recyclable amber glass

Aluminum and glass are permanent materials. This means they are infinitely often recyclable without any quality loss.

84% Recycling

Around 84% of all glass bottles are recycled in Germany.

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