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The clever mailing systems around the TeaSticks guarantees that the message will be well received. Prepared ready to dispatch and furnished with 1 - 3 TeaSticks - this mail will stay in mind!

  • Choose from two mailing variants
  • Furnished with 1 - 3 TeaSticks
  • Prepared ready to dispatch
  • Fully customized and personalized
  • many sorts to choose

With protective foil

The mailings are wrapped in foil to protect them from any danger.

Ready to dispatch

The mailings are delivered readily to dispatch - fully customized and personalized

Fitments as requested

With regards to the budgets the mailings are furnished with 1 - 5 TeaSticks.

With protective foil


4c Druck

4c Print

The mailings as well as the flow packs of the TeaStick are individualised with a 4c print. The personalization is made 1c black on one side.

  • Print 4c CMYK
  • 1c personalization (black)