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Items - why?

The Effectiveness of Promotional Items

More and more brands try to reach more cost-conscious consumers by the means of more and more media. The result is that the consumer is exposed to a collective advertising tinnitus

The rejection of advertising is increasing and so is the loss of effectiveness of classic advertising types like print or TV

The established types of advertisement print and TV spots need support from further promotional means!

Theses means must be accepted in a positive way and must reach high attention.

Remember the advertising

To remember the advertising is the central instance for the effectiveness.
One of the basic challenges is to make people to accept your advertising. The promotional items offer the perfect conditions:

The study shows:

  • The receiver is happy (76 %)
  • He feels empathy towards the promoting company (70 %)
  • He wants to have more of them (73 %)


  • Promotional items solve the core problems of the classic advertising means – they are accepted positively and the message reach the consumer.
  • Advertisement on promotional items reach the consumer and can be used very target-oriented.
  • Promotional items are highly accepted and the consumer is happy about them.
  • Promotional items are much more effective than advertisement on print or in TV spots.
  • The usage of promotional items increases – linked with further promotional tools – the chances of success.
  • Promtional items are expected to have a sustainable effect.