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Energy Fizzy Tablets

The „do-it-yourself“ energy drink with caffeine, guarana and taurine. With its typical „Austrian fl avour“ the drink delivers on its promises: 10x uncomplicated refreshment. One fi zzy tablet covers 100% of the recommended daily need of 5 important vitamins.


  • with Caffeine, Guarana & Taurin
  • 100% of the recommended daily need 
    of 5 important vitamins
  • typical „Austrian flavour“


To the product

Give a very special present to extraordinary persons. The tea glass with double wall stays cool at the outside and keeps the drink warm inside. Each one is unique: the glasses are hand-made by experts using their manual skills based on long lasting know-how. Borosilicate glass, dishwasher safe and scratch-proof. TeaSet consists of 6 Organic TeaSticks of your choice, delivered in a matt black gift box with quality certification or individual inlay.

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